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Mar Baselios Christian College of Engineering, Peermade brings an aura filled with excitement, amusement and splendor unfolding another chapter of this year’s exquisite technological innovation with talents, entertainment and enjoyment.Paving way to the most awaited National Level Techno-Cultural Fest, SWASTIKA’19. It is a two day melting pot of diversity, endeavor and creativity promising a plethora of events starting from technological innovations to refreshing cultural competitions. Featuring a wide variety of events ranging from expo, quiz, network gaming, hunts, music and dance coalescing all together in a combo pack of Swastika’19. A hunt unleashing each and every level of your abilities and finding out the hidden talents of the promising youth.

Swastika 2019 invites you all to a place lushes with green tea revealing the splendid greenery of the nature, filled with the majestic glory of the cool misty mountains and its horizon, to the yet unexpected techno-cultural fest of MBCCET.
Swastika 2019

National Level Techno Cultural Fest

Mar Baselios Christian College of Engineering & Technology




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